Continuous change in the global maritime market has made the companies, in this sector, seek out solutions that contend with competition through maximizing customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency in order to preserve and possibly increase their current market share. With this regard, POLAR Group understands that the primary conditions to continue our activities with an ever increasing success and maintaining our service at the highest level are as follows:

  • All activities are managed according to the current and future needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction is key and tried to be maximized under all conditions.
  • Our activities are subjected to constant internal monitoring resulting in swift improvements and prevention of future problems.
  • The solutions are tailored to the customers’ needs and thus peerless services are provided.
  • Sound business activities with complete transparency are felt as a responsibility to society and is strived for in every occasion.
  • POLAR group personnel are kept at the highest level through periodical training and the problems that could arise from not knowing new technological developments are hence averted.

General Manager